KAPAZ scarf – Tenun green


This green Printed Bamboo Scarf is inspired by the tanimbar scarf, Tenun Ikat Tanimbar, which is a kind of traditional woven scarf from Tanimbar Islands, South East Moluccas. Cooling in the summer and nice and warm for the winter.

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The design is made according to a simple principle, namely by combining longitudinal and transverse threads with generally different motifs and colors.

Most traditional scarves are dominated by stripes and interspersed with patterns inspired by the natural environment, such as animal motifs, plant motifs and human motifs.

Bamboo is known as an environmentally friendly material:


hypoallergenic repels odors

Smooth and super soft

Cools in summer and warms in winter

Durable material


Washing instructions
Wash at 40 degrees – do not bleach – do not tumble dry – iron at a low temperature

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2% Elastan, 98% Viscose Bamboo

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