Wall tapestry – Coco


Enrich your interior with this catchy Coco wall cloth with a unique design print of a piece of the tropics. A perfect solution for an empty wall in any interior space.

Canvas 100% organic cotton ✓
Durable ✓
Washing machine safe ✓
Ironing is possible ✓

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Deco wall cloth

Enrich your interior with this catchy wall cloth with a unique print for the living room, hall, bedroom, office or other indoor spaces!
In addition to bringing a piece of paradise into your home, the coconut symbolizes prosperity and happiness.

wall cloth

The 100% cotton canvas wall cloth can be supplied with a matching rod and two wall hooks. The wall cloth is finished at the top with a tunnel, the sides and bottom with a hem.
The rod can be adjusted in length, so that the rod protrudes on both sides of the wall cloth.

The advantage of a canvas wall cloth with rod is that it can easily be replaced by another wall cloth.

Only suitable for non-humid indoor areas!

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